Sonja of Document Scan


Office Manager

Sonja joined us in May 2012 as a Scanning Operative and has almost 20 years of office administration experience. Her role sees her scanning highly sensitive, private and confidential files, taking considerable care in quality control and various scanning techniques, from basic A4 black and white settings to A0 coloured plans. This process requires a meticulous eye for detail and a necessity for precision.

As Document Scan’s clients include Solicitors and Financial Advisors and Sonja has worked within Solicitors Firms and in financial roles, she has knowledge of the type of files she prepares, scans and quality checks, and understands the importance of sensitivity and confidentiality.

Also a previous job role in editing a magazine has given her a keen eye when it comes to our quality control procedure, inspecting all pages and making sure everything is as it should be.

As well as one of our most senior scanning operatives Sonja is also our office manager and as such helps us with the day to day admin involved in running the company.

Outside the office, as well as being a Mum of two (and all the taxiing, management and support that involves), Sonja gives part-time admin and bookkeeping support to her husband’s insurance brokerage.

Sonja is also a Volunteer for Jaden Cornelious Fundraising, arranging and participating in events to raise funds to help those who can't fight for themselves. Her charity work has also seen her walking on fire, abseiling, transforming a Medical Centre and school in The Gambia, and cycling around Zanzibar!